• 09.00 Keynote:
    • Securing hybrid documents by document image analysis
      Petra Gomez-Krämer, University of La Rochelle, France
  • 09.45 1st Oral Session: 10 min/presentation
    • E-Counterfeit: A Mobile-Server Platform for Document Counterfeit Detection
      Albert Berenguel Centeno, Oriol Ramos Terrades, Josep Lladós i Canet, Cristina Cañero Morales
    • A Spatial Domain Steganography for Grayscale Documents Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
      Vinh Loc Cu, Jean-Christophe Burie and Jean-Marc Ogier
    • A Case Study of the Relationship between Local Pen Action and Three Dimensional Shapes of Handwritten Strokes
      Yoshinori Akao, Yoshiyasu Higashikawa
    • Round Table, Questions
  • 10.30 Coffee Break
  • 11.00 2nd Oral Session: 10 min/presentation
    • Study of the Factors Influencing OCR Stability for Hybrid Security
      Sébastien Eskenazi, Petra Gomez-Krämer, Jean-Marc Ogier
    • Robustness of Character Recognition Techniques to Double Print-and-Scan Process 
      Iuliia Tkachenko, Petra Gomez-Krämer
    • Round Table, Questions
  • 11.30 Open discussion: Dataset and Reproducibility
    Introduced by

    • Receipt Dataset for Fraud Detection [download here]
      Chloé Artaud, Antoine Doucet, Jean-Marc Ogier and Vincent Poulain d’Andecy
  • 11.50 Senior panel discussions:
    • Andreas Dengel, DFKI, Germany
    • Chang-Tsun Li, Charles Sturt University, Australia
    • Jean-Marc Ogier, University of La Rochelle, France
    • Josep Llados, CVC, Spain
    • Vincent Poulain d’Andecy, Yooz, France